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SUVtv is an online broadcast network featuring basketball events in Atlanta, the Southeast, and other parts of the country. Our coverage helps take live and archived basketball action to the audience of fans, coaches, and media tied into each game. SUVtv is the content arm of The Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV).


The Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

The SUV is a niche agency that meets the needs sports related groups have in the areas of live webcast production, sponsorship development, and special projects. While sports might be the common thread for our clients, the scenario and objectives vary for each group we work with. From schools & teams to events & businesses, the SUV provides tailored solutions that offer results and added value.

Our focus areas include:

  • Producing live and on-demand webcasts of sporting events
  • Webcast program management and consulting
  • Sponsorship development: teams, events, and venues 
  • Customized marketing opportunities for local, regional, and national brands
  • Recording of games, tournaments, and special events
  • Podcast production & custom video content