It was my introduction to the AEBL event and it was as advertised. Former and current players from all levels ranging from G-League, to Retried pro’s, to current overseas players, all lace up and provide quality/respectful runs. Ironically a majority of the players played their HS ball in the state or even within the Metro area, so it's always refreshing to see old faces come back and show old fans how they developed over the years. In attendance was not only reality star Mimi Faust, but also artists K-Camp and Skateboard Spooky, as well as social media sensation and former WNBA player Chantel Tremitiere. The best part about the event is that these players have all played at a very high level so the competition and competitive nature is heavy. An event that’s free to the public, it's a must you stop by one Saturday and Sunday to check it out.

    Women’s Player Recap

    Tamera Young 6’2 F (MVP) (Georgia Lady Fire)

    AEBL 1.jpeg

    College: James Madison

    WNBA: Atlanta Dream, Chicago Sky, Shanxi Flame, Las Vegas Aces

    Can easily see why she spent multiple years in the WNBA. Did what she wanted from the time she rebounded the ball. 3 level scorer, can bring the ball up court, work in the post, defend, her bag ran deep. Set the tone with 31 points to open up game in a 82-43 win. She is also one of the focal points in creating the AEBL Woman’s league. Not only with helping expand the woman game, but give veteran players and current players a space to workout against high level competition.

    Dominique Wilson 5’8 G (Street Execs)

    AEBL 2.jpeg

    College: Arkansas, NC State

    Pro: Signed with Aces in 2019, Currently Overseas

    22pts in her teams comeback win and received MVP honors for the matchup. According to her teammates this weekend made 3 weeks in a row receiving that award. While she is using the run run to get ready for the upcoming season in Poland, she showed why she was one of the top guards in the building, Male or Female. Her ability to control and manage the game stood out the most. It was a night and day difference when she brought the ball up court and set up the offense vs any other of her teammates. Knew how to make the extra pass and get her teammates involved, but also know when she had mismatches and when to properly attack and give her team a bucket. She slowly let the game come to her and was not afraid to take some big shots in the clutch moments. High I.Q. guard that makes a difference just being on the court.

    Tynice Martin 5’11 G (Zone 6 Celtics)

    AEBL 3.jpeg

    College: West Virginia

    Pro: 34th Pick of 2020 WNBA Draft, Currently Overseas

    A guard that got to her spots and knew her spots on the court. She had a sweet stroke from beyond the arc but had range from all over the court. 3 level scorer. She did a really good job of using her body to draw fouls and get to the line. This matchup displayed a lot of high level iq, especially being matched up with another high level player in Dominique, so it really tested Martins ability to flow the game and minimizing mistakes.

    Jack Danielle Animam 6’4 F ( Zone 6 Celtics)

    aebl 4.jpeg

    College: National University

    Pro: Philippines

    JDA showed good work and patience in the post. Probably one of the most skilled bigs amongst the female competition, her Filipino background showed in her foot work. She did well connecting on second chance opportunities and being in the right spots for easy bunnies. Showed really good patience and possessed a go to jump step that helped her plow through bigger defenders and create space. Some deceptive strength to her, it's easy to see why JDA has made a name in the AEBL. Multiple awards overseas representing the Filipino national team including a UAAP Finals MVP back in 2018.  

    Bre “2 Chainz” McDonald 6’0 G (Zone 6 Celtics)

    aebl 6.jpeg

    College: West Virginia/ Eastern Carolina

    Pro: Overseas

    Really came alive in the second half. Attacked the basket and finished most of her possession inside, but her ability to takeover is what stood out the most. You can tell she was letting the game come to her but completely locked in when it was time to take over. She favored the baseline pull up j, and was comfortable with anything inside the FT line. This was easily one of the best matchups on the day due to the talent on the floor but players like Bre separated herself with her consistency, IQ and pace for the game. Very efficient player.

    Men’s Player Recap

    Kevon Harris 6’5 G (EYA)

    aebl 7.jpeg

    College: Stephen F. Austin


    Pro: Raptors 905

    Kevon was a dog and showed why he is one of the hottest players in the AEBL. Currently with Raptors 905 he gives you a good glimpse of a player that has a foot in the door and does not take this game lightly. Out the gate he was aggressive getting to the basket, and made his mark early getting to his spot. He was very ware of the game at all times, if his team needed a basket he was able to contribute, an assist, he dished it, a rebound he grabbed it. Really tough player, good feel for the game, and came to handle business. He finished with 31 points in his teams win.

    TJ Dunans 6’5 F/G (Brogdon Firm)

    College: Columbia State CC, Auburn

    Pro: Overseas

    TJ was hands down the grit of the event. He took the duties of guarding Shelvin on multiple possessions and showed that even a player with NBA experience won’t knock him off his square. High level athlete that caught multiple jams as well as picking up some thunderous blocks on the defensive end. Defensively he was firm in his position, and his 6’5 frame gave him that sneaky wingspan to disrupt passing lanes and pick up some easy steals. Simply an underrated player who lets his game do all of the talking.

    Shelvin Mack 6’3 G (TSF)

    aebl 8.jpeg

    College: Butler

    Pro: 2nd Round Pick by Wizards, Continues to play Overseas.

    Shelvin treated this event like another day at the office but knew to tighten the reins when the game was getting close down the wire. You can tell with players like him they're not only out there to get buckets, but they are perfecting their craft and and still playing the game the right way at a high level. You can see how he process the game different from his peers on simple ball screens and PnR action and the way he spaces the floor kept the defense on their heels the entire game. His game was too much for The Brogdon family especially in the 4th which helped them pull away with the W.

    Josh Powell 6’9 F (The Brogdon Firm)

    College: NC State

    Pro: Los Angeles Lakers (2x NBA Champion), Dallas Mavs, Indiana Pacers,

    -His post game was one of the more dominant performances on the night. Size and frame will leave you exhausted battling him. At times he showed he could put the ball on the floor, but his ability to absorb and finish through contact kept them in the game. The team mainly tried to play through him and his simple but effective post game was easy to tell why. His simplicity is most likely what kept him in the NBA for multiple years along with collecting 2 championships.

    Tavin Cummings 6’5 G (Street Execs)

    aebl 9.jpeg

    College: Concordia, Miles

    Pro: Overseas

    It feels like every event they find me…I'm talking about the BIG GUARDS! Tavin was so smooth with the rock, getting to his spots with ease and playing with a tight handle at 6’4. The lefty had a consistent pace and possessed a lot of bounce to him and his game. He kept the flow of the game even keel and knew how to get to the basket especially against smaller guards. Once he committed to his move it was hard to stay in front of him going down hill. Smooth shooting touch with a high release point, and again gets a bit of a extra touch due to him being a lefty.

    Maliq Benlevi 6’5 G/F (Street Execs

    aebl 10.jpeg

    College: GA State

    Pro: Salt Lake City Stars (G League) 

    He started the game out with a bang and showed a natural ability to score. Went on a stretch in the 3rd qtr where he knocked down 4 straight 3’s and caught fire early. Had a bulky frame to him which gave him a good advantage going down hill. Showed he could be a versatile player on the court. Knocked down the open shot and created off the dribble, but again that bulky frame could have him muscling guys in the post if he continues to work on his foot work. He had some deceptive quickness to him and showed why he’s been logging some heavy minutes the last couple of seasons in the G-league.

    PJ Meyers 5’9 G (Georgia Kings)

    aebl 11.jpeg

    College: Life University

    Pro: N/A

    PJ had to be another one of the hot names on the night. He played in the finale and simply stole the show. Coming in at 5’9 it was all heart with him and it was all over his game. He did a good job attacking the basket, getting to the line, showed his ability to score at 3 levels and played the role of the enforcer the entire game. Throughout the entire contest it seemed he never took a play off and his intensity and passion for the game couldn’t be over looked. While it seemed that Street Execs came in as the favorite, PJ had other plans. A scrappy guard, gritty player, and dog on the court he finished with a 30point performance and took home MVP honors in his matchup as well.



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