Gary Harris, The Fuller Youth Foundation, and RJ Hunter to collab on exposure event

Countless male and female student–athletes have had their travel & high school basketball seasons negatively affected by COVID-19. The impact has been felt by prospects all over as college coaches and players have tried to work through challenges that can threated the playing and college careers of so many.

Gary Harris, in conjunction with Team Harris and the Fuller Youth Foundation, has partnered with RJ Hunter,  to create “The Cosmic Classic Showcase - an event created with the goal of quality exposure in mind.

“I just looked at them missing out on everything this year; summer ball, high school ball in a lot of cases then even things like prom and things like that,” Harris said. “These kids have had so much taken away from them, I had to do something to give back.”

The “Cosmic Classic Showcase” is a unique opportunity for male and female athletes to compete against elite level talent - in front of a online & small onsite audience of media outlets, hometown fans, teammates, and college/university coaches.  The participants will also have access to a film that will include game footage and footage of individual workouts.  The “Cosmic Classic Showcase” allows Team Harris to create additional skill evaluation opportunities; and, assist the future college prospects desiring to pursue future academic endeavors in connecting with colleges and universities.

The event will be hosted on Sunday, April 4, 2021, in Indianapolis, IN, during the 2021 NCAA Men’s Final Four. The entire schedule can be found below, and all sessions will be streamed live & onDemand on SUVtv.

"Empowering players with broadcasts they can leverage has always been a priority for us - we're pleased to be a part of what the Cosmic Classic Showcase is doing for student-athletes," says Marques Burnett, Founder & CEO of SUVtv, "Pandemic-related challenges have only increased the grassroots community's ability to be creative and innovate as we work together to offset COVID's impact on the recruiting landscape."  

Former Missouri associate head coach Tim Fuller said that the CCS is a culmination of a dream Harris and Hunter had during their AAU playing days.

“They used to sit on the back of the bus and dream about making it and giving opportunities to younger guys,” said Fuller, who serves as event coordinator for the CCS. “It’s just really selfless of them, especially with them being under 30. This is a potentially life-changing event for these kids, so the opportunity they’re providing can’t be understated.”